Here are a listed of copyright credits and their associated owners, and the tracks specific to those copyrights. You only really ever associate tracks most times with the artist, but without the work of these people, you’d just be hearing acapellas. So shout out to each of these. To view actual licenses please use the contact tab to request a copy.

▶︎ Freek Van Workum

Probably one of my favourite producers, and the most used throughout the album, his tracks are actually amazing. His discography includes a long list of impressive clients and rightfully so. The emotion and creativity expressed in his work is among the best I’ve encountered honestly. 


Tough Love
Different Kind Of Love

▶︎ Mantra

▶︎ Layird Music


All In A Moment
Ain’t Thinking Bout Cha

▶︎ MelonNights Music


Free To Go