ISRC: CAIFA1800015

I don’t want - to degrade you 
You do that on your own 
Another lie
To forsake you 
Another one you’ll find too late

But no one likes - this behaviour
No ones got the time to play
With everything that you could have been
You’ll always choose it, won’t ya?
Quickly just forget it then
Addicted to it aren’t ya?

Fuck you
You will never know 
What it means to live a lie
And then to pay the price 
Screw you 
hope your tripping on your filthy lies
Fuck you
I love it when you 
Cause I, I’m not surprised.

I never wanted to cause any problem now
Always kept my head down
Shut my mouth

Never see it coming round till 
I brought all
All the things
I’m gonna burn this fucker down.
Let’s see what they talk about now.

I don’t know why you think you’re cool
But you never went to school
Always on daddy’s lap now
I can’t even breathe in your sea of lies
Selling me your silly lies

So learn to take it now
Learn to to take it now
Learn to take it now 

I don’t wanna think
(I know what you think)
Your not my problem
(It’s all my problem)
Fuck, if I solve em

I know what your thinkin bout
And you’re feeling now


[I Live For Me] is an album written by KESEN and various producers. Currently still uncompleted, I Live For Me details my experience post-seperation, struggles with addiction, and learning to love me.