I dont know if I believe him
But I’m gonna need him
I’m just filled with these emotions 
Cause we know what we gotta do

There’s something wrong with my emotions
Can someone tell me 
I’ve heard every
Never been there for me
But you 

Sometimes I wonder if you ever think if we tried
That maybe there was 

If maybe there was some way 
to make you stay
Cause baby you’re the one who got away
Love so long we can’t let go
After this We’ll never know
Just finish me off before 
I know how it feels

I don’t if what I 
Tell me what is wrong 
I’ve heard every story
Never been there for me


[I Live For Me] is an album written by KESEN and various producers. Currently still uncompleted, I Live For Me details my experience post-seperation, struggles with addiction, and learning to love me.