ISRC: CAIFA1800019

Remember those things you told me
Since I left town you’re hoping 
Must have been soemthing I heard wrong
Cause some of this shit is border crazy
But I would never let this phase me

And all of the moments 
that you’ve thrown out
I never had thought that you would say

So Take it in brush it all off 
By end of this July
He must have been a better man then me
I never could imagine you not there for me
But somehow, now you’re gone

But Here I am thinking 
of the things you didn’t do
And here I am beating up myself
Something seems wrong
With this whole picture now
Cause nothings been missing 
No not since you

Remember those things 
You couldn’t say to me?
I wonder if he says them to right now

All of the moments that you’ll find
You never could imagine the hell
While I’m just here for waiting 
For you to come back home 

I know when I left it 
You would just give up 
And you’d never fight for me
I guess I should thank you 
Cause I know what I’m worth


[I Live For Me] is an album written by KESEN and various producers. Currently still uncompleted, I Live For Me details my experience post-seperation, struggles with addiction, and learning to love me.