ISRC: CAIFA1800020

They said were too young 
To know what we wanted but...
Late night staying home watching tv
Getting scared hold you near makes me happy
Making love till three in the morning
Didn’t think that 
you’d take that all from me
Keeping quiet so we don’t wake your mama
Said your fine but somethings up now
It was tough but I thought we were happy 
Didn’t think you’d take that all from me

Next time could you let me know
Before you bring my whole world down?
Everything you said was just a lie
And still I’m sugarcoating reality
Making things out to be 
Like they’d never be
Marriage was never that wonderful 

Oh it was
Late night arguing till morning 
Throwing shit, Slamming doors
And me crying 
I’m at home all alone watching tv
Phone off no way to reach me
All my time wondering what your up to
Drive insane, cursed your name 
and I hated you
This isn’t what we saw on the tv
This isn’t what loves supposed to be

Planned my life and my future around you
Now you’re gone 
what the fuck am I gonna do
I don’t know where you are 
Who your with now
If your lost and you’re looking where I am
I’m at home all alone watching tv


[I Live For Me] is an album written by KESEN and various producers. Currently still uncompleted, I Live For Me details my experience post-seperation, struggles with addiction, and learning to love me.