ISRC: CAIFA1800021

I'm really disappointed 
I’m searching through my mind, why?
I shouldn’t hurt you
The way you hurt me
I guess I
I couldn’t find

I bet you think you got
You got away with it
You pulled it off
And no one knows
I bet you think you got
You got away with it
So you think I’m dumb?
Do you think I’m dumb?

Dumb is a word for
Those who ignore 
What’s clearly going on
Dumb is someone 
Who is just no fun at all

You better run
You better think he was worth it
Cause I’m gonna do the exact same thing to you
And you’re gonna feel
 The exact same way that I do
It’s funny how we do these things and we 
Never think of the other person
But, it’s so easy to be like you
It’s not so easy to be like me

I taught myself a few lessons along the way
If someone treats you like garbage 
It’s time to say
Life is gonna lift me up
Life is gonna break you down

What’s wrong?
Did you think I was the same
As the ones that came before?
Blindly believing all the things you said
To assure me
Our times has gone and past
My betrayed soul shall strike you back
The pain you caused me
I banished into my past

That’s where I’ll keep you
You will not hurt me
Your words mean nothing at all.


[I Live For Me] is an album written by KESEN and various producers. Currently still uncompleted, I Live For Me details my experience post-seperation, struggles with addiction, and learning to love me.